Moving Tips

Plan Ahead

Seems obvious right? About 55% of our customers book within a week of their actual moving date. We understand things happen at the last minute, and truthfully we don't mind it much but, try to avoid making a stressful move. So if you know the date, book a mover fast because you don't want to settle with any mover because everyone else (meaning us) are booked.

Have items ready for movers to pick up and go

We charge hourly therefore, if everything is packed and ready to go it will save you time, money and stress. For full service moves our movers will have basic tools, shrink wrap and blankets.


Utilize wardrobe boxes

​Wardrobe boxes can be very helpful. We can provide the use of wardrobe boxes which have a 24" bar to hang your items. This can elimate time in packing clothes or stuffing them in a bag. You'll also have easy access to them, just pull them out, hang them up and done!


Strategize wardrobe box use

If you're limited to the amount of wardrobe boxes, hang what you'll need right away or at least a week or two weeks worth of clothes in the wardrobe boxes. That way you're not in such of a hurry to unpack the closet items since most likely you'll be tired, or just can't get around to it right away.


Label Boxes/Totes

If you want the movers to place boxes or totes in the designated rooms let them know you have labeled them. Walk them around in your new home so they know where each room is so they know what room is what. This will save you time and stress when you unpack. It will also help you decide what needs to be packed according to priority.



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