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A landlord may charge for cleaning services, and bulk trash. So while we are moving you, why not have us do the cleaning for you.


5Star Movers is dedicated to making your moving experience a good one. We know once you move your items to your new home, you are still responsible for how you leave your previous rental. Cleaning services is one of the most common reasons for landlord to hold and keep your deposit.



Our basic cleaning service includes:

  • Vacuum/Sweeping/Moping

  • Cleaning base boards

  • Cleaning ceiling fans

  • Cleaning most used areas e.g. light switches, door knobs etc.

  • Kitchen clean up (wiping down of countertops, inside cabinets, outside cabinet doors, oven range, refrigerator)

  • Bathroom clean up (toilet, tub/shower, cabinet/shelves, sinks, mirrors/windows)


Extras: (Pricing depends on Condition)

Deep cleaning of oven ranges and/or Refridgerators


Landscaping Services

Trash Removal

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